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Marketing Consultancy
Magnus communications understands that certain companies prefer carrying out their own marketing and do not like to out source for those we provide detailed marketing consultancy. Companies that do not have a specific marketing department can come to Magnus for a complete drafting of marketing plan, or business plans.
Sports Marketing
We offer sports marketing also our approach is such that it brings together parties that can strengthen each other through the sport. Sport is an ideal platform for the sales and marketing objectives and required professional guidance. We specialize in sponsorship, fundraising, marketing, (social) media and event management. Our approach provides structure and creative solutions.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is seen by marketers as the new gold rush. New communication channels can significantly increase viewership and users activities. Everyone talks about the "death of the 30-second spot". But agencies are still pouring some $300 billion a year worldwide into those corpses. This makes traditional ads the most relentless and ubiquitous zombies. We understand this and provide you the most innovative marketing solutions via social media. The channels we use are:
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked

We focus on building personal client-agency relationships that guarantee respect for the commitments we make to each other. There is almost nothing we wouldn’t want to know about each and every client, after all, the better we know you and your business, the better we can serve you as a client and help you attain your goals.
Print Media
In a fragmented media environment with channel proliferation, consumer control of media messages and advertisements demand for accountability, the most effective marketing vehicle may surprise you is the newspaper media in print. Why newspaper media? Because in a world where consumers are turning out advertising right and left, independent research shows that newspapers are a destination not a distraction for advertising content.

We promise to meet your advertising needs in a spirit of cooperation and professional commitment that reflects the highest standards of a marketing partnership, that will help you build sales through newspaper advertising accommodating even more than one product service in a single ad.
Personalized Services
Our company’s size allows us to provide you with personal attention that will not only show your importance as a client, but also give you the confidence that we are dedicated to your company and its success. At Magnus Communications, we have all learned that there are better ways of operating an agency to give our clients more personalized attention and top notch creativity.

Simple economics allow us to be more competitive with our costs, allowing you to get the full potential out of your advertising budget without a loss of superior creativity, and design services. We stay dedicated to the priorities and never lose focus of the overall long-term goals. Our number one service is that we get to know you, your business, your success stories, your challenges, your goals, your product/service, your target audience, your market and everything in between.
We’re strong believers in the power of advertising. Effective & Innovative campaigns that stand out to get people take notice and make them accept new ideas and solutions. And on top of it all, such advertising that effectively builds a brand, sells products, raises awareness, or enhances company image.

The trick is to know your customers, inside out, understand their personality, their likes and dislikes, what makes them act and communicate with them in their language and their specific way. We master the art to assess your needs so as to follow a process that is both systematic and creative in order for developing meaningful messages that reverberate and get results.
Event Management
Magnus communications understands that your event is a reflection and extension of you brand. Every detail must be acknowledged and attended to, which equates to a positive and favorable experience for your target audience. It is these positive experiences that turn regular consumers into brand loyalists, which turn brand loyalists into brand evangelists. It is our job to guarantee this happens.

With years of experience producing top quality, high profile events, we get it. Whether it’s creating a brand new concept, scouting the ideal location, designing the best venue plan or simply straightening your banner on event day- we understand that every element of an event impacts on your brand and end result. It is this attention to detail- large and small- that sets us apart from others.

In addition to producing live events, we have extensive experience in working with TV and other media outlets, which increase the reach and visibility of our events to the desired audience. Events may include:
Public Relations
An organization’s reputation profitability and even its continued existence can depend on the degree to which its targeted public supports its goals and policies. Similar to effective advertising and promotions, effective public relations often depends on designing and implementing a well-designed public relations plan and strategy.

Media Relations – press publicity
Public Relations – press releases and Article Story Placement and more
Product launches and special supplements
Website planning and production
Executive speeches and presentations
Writing and editing
Any aspect of marketing communications/ PR
Strategic Training Workshops/ Seminars
Lobbying at government, corporate, focus group and grass root levels
International Corporate Public Relation